Here’s what you can do to bring about a Big Blue Wave in 2018:

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2.  Invite friends and family to join us.  It doesn't matter where in Washington they live. This is how we'll build excitement. Think of your friends who might want to help and invite them to join us now.          

3.  Identify people in swing districts.  If you know left-leaning people who live in or near one of our swing districts, these friends are especially important. They need a special outreach from you. Make sure they know the importance of the elections coming up. Their support (and their neighbors’ support) is the key to these elections, where awareness and turnout are key. Reach out! Get active.

Find what Districts you and your friends are in here:

4.  Donate directly to candidates.  It doesn't matter where you live. Have a big impact by donating directly to these campaigns.

5.  Get involved.  These candidates need volunteers like you. Our Districts Page has links to sign up with these candidates who could use your help. Our Sister Organizations  could also benefit from your donations and your time. 

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